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Re: aikido practice

Hi Edwin,

It depends entirely on what you want to get out of Aikido. I do twice a week as often as I can but due to work etc sometimes miss classes. I don't get hung up on it because I know I want to continue practicing for a long time - so does it really matter if I get my black belt a year later than I would normally? Aikido will always be there for you if you want it, so there is no need to make such a big decision about it or force yourself to commit to something you won't realistically adhere to.

However, if you are only going once in a while then you will probably suffer more from injuries. I find that I become hardened to Aikido and if I'm away for a few weeks I seem to be more aware of every bump and ache I have.

The point is Edwin, do you question your commitment or why you are doing Aikido when you are in the class? If you do then that's different. We can all do that when sat at home in a nice comfy chair but my advice is, that if you like it when you are practicing (or socialising after class!) then stick at it and go whenever you can. Who cares what anyone else thinks? Take each class at a time and let Aikido come to you, because it will.


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