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Originally posted by PeterR
Hi Larry;

It might be relevant that our Shihan had graded me all the way up from grasshopper stage and spent quite a bit of time understanding all my little incompetencies.

I have seen visitors to go through the whole grading series before they are sent away with a Shodokan yudansha grade.

The number of people grading also has something to do with it. The whole grading is over four hours - my little part was 30 minutes.
Hi Peter,

I agree with you on all counts. My Sensei also graded me from grasshopper level and dedicated extra training classes for us to work specifically on things like the Go Shin no kata etc. He was quite attentive actually.

You guys are also right about effect of the number of people grading. In my case, I was the only one, as the kyu gradings were done in a previous class.

Peter, is it me, or do International Shodokan Sensei who train extensively in Japan put a lot of extra effort to maintain (even surpass????) the Japanese standard?

A major high point for me after the grading was my Sensei's review of it, telling me that it was done to a standard that would have passed even in Japan. I couldn't stop smiling after that This being a small club in a little island in the Caribbean and all.

I've heard a few stories of how hard it is to get a Shodokan Dan grade in Japan, so that really made my day

Hope I didn't ramble too much again.

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