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Re: Self-defense art?

aikido does not have any limitations or shortcomings, unless ones practice or instruction has them
I'm puzzled by your point here, do you claim that aikido somehow transcends the practice and instruction that is available to most. Perhaps you could given me an example of perfect practice and instruction that embodies what you mean.
nothing is gone it has merely changed form
certainly the "fact" that energy can neither be created nor destroyed is accepted by most scientists, but I'm unsure how this equates to either aikido practice or a persons attempts at mastering any activity.

While I agree with your disdain for the "too complex to learn" which is sometimes used to defend poor aikido from a self-defense point of view, I also disagree with your idea that aikido is perfect. For Ueshiba, it was. However, to then extrapolate that it is perfect for everyone is to do his wealth of experience both in other arts and the lifestyle he led a disservice and also begs the question why he originally insisted his students came from other arts. I much prefer to think of people as the sum of their experiences rather than a single thread.
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