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Re: Training: Separate the Sexes?

To the origanal post, and I have to be honest I did not read the whole thread cause its to darn long, but I shall when I have time.

But here in Japan I am often paired off with a female, because of her quality or rank for some kata, we also train in taking "urami" so any jealousy in the dojo should be eliminated and if it is present it does not go unoticed and will be addressed even if not verbal. From my experience most violence against women stems from jealousy or prevoked from an involvement in drug or crime circles as goerge stated. But as far as being a regular at the local waterhole, thats me and I have never allowed drinking get to that point, IMO there is happy drunks and violent drunks and violece is deep seated, drinking brings it out of those who are violently inclined, but to directly associate frequent drinking to domestic violence is, IMO not cricket. The violently inclined get most unstable after drinking. But thats just my opinion and I am a boozer!

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