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Re: Self-defense art?

Actually edwin, I believe Shioda broke the boxers arm/shoulder. I might be wrong, but I have heard this story before and thats how it ended. Apparently it was a fairly 'rough' contest...

I'd also agree that its the mindset and the will to do your utmost to survive/win that dtermines a persons effectiveness, rather than the art they study. If someone is tying you up on the floor trying to break your arm in a lock, then you might well have to gouge their eyes out or bite their nose off. Are you prepared to do this from training in a martial art? Im fairly sure no martial arts will train you in how to bite someones nose off. (sorry for all the grizlyness of this) But your attitude, mindset and survival instincts might. Of course, MA training can help cultivate this mindset. And I agree that Aikido is as good a place to start as any. Im very happy with it, while still realising its limitations and shortcomings

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