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Re: Culture of Martial Mediocrity?

hello edwin,
perhaps my post was not clear. i am not saying a warrior would overlook the takedown as a last resort but that it would not be a natural opening strategy as in BJJ type sports. I know that many people say it is often used in street fights, but that is not my (limited) experience. Fights end up on the ground afetr messy struggling and tripping over. I've played a bit with "shoot" takedowns, admittedly not against high level players and a knee to the chin at the right moment is usually all it takes. Anyway thats another thread!
Yes, maybe there is a degree of "posturing" amongst some of the higher level teachers, but I think most simply see Aikido as "win with the first moment and theres no need to fight" attitude and train and teach accordingly. Not being at that level I can't really argue with their philosophy.
As for the rest of what you have said that was exactly my point. It is hard to really appreciate Aikido if your total experience of Budo is within the "modern" Aikido dojo.

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