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Re: Training: Separate the Sexes?

Dan Herak wrote:
I have read some truly over the top posts in my day but this one has got to take the cake.

This position is untenable. Men are overwhelmingly more likely to be on the receiving end of violent crime than are women. Further, the response from some women (and allow me to be blunt - feminists) is quite revealing. When I point this out, their response is to twist their faces in disgust and spew out something along the lines that, maybe so, but they are being attacked - BY OTHER MEN!!! Factually true but morally disgusting. What kind of person is not willing to make a moral distinction between violent criminals and their victims? Certianly no one in a position to lecture the rest of us about anything.

Tying this in to your hit statement, how can women be the victims of a holocaust of violence when they are less likely to be violently attacked? The only way around this is to sink into the moral degeneracy that I have described. Let me add that I can understand that a man would downplay violence against men and focus on that against women for reasons of chivalry, but that does not resolve the issue which I am addressing.
This represents a serious misunderstanding of the meaning of the statistics on violence... The larger numbers of violent incidents involving males is due to the extremely large number of violent incidents which take place between the members of organized gangs in the nations urban areas. In other words, these statistics are about violence between groups of professional criminals. If one removes those statistics from the sample, and then perhaps further removes those encounters which take place between drunken males at establishments in which alocohol is served, and simply focusues on the liklihood of an average citizen experiencing a violent attack. women are FAR more likely to be the victims of violence. There are only a small number of domestic violence cases in when women have been beating their male partenrs, whereas the number of these cases involving violence against women is in the millions. There are relatively few cases of rape in which men are raped, either by other men or by women (at least oustide of prison) whwreas the number of sexual assaualts against women is astronomical. Why aren't there homes for battered husbands in virtually every city in America as there are for women? Pretty simple, there aren't that many battered husbands.

Violence against women has been an issue in our culture for hundreds of years. It wasn't that long ago when hundreds of thousands of women all over Europe and America as well, were being murdered as witches. Ever hear the phrase "rule of thumb"? It had to do with the law which allowed men to beat their wives as long as the stick as smaller than the diameter of their thumb... This law was in effect when our country was founded and our Consititution written...

To deny that men are the perpretrators of violence against women on a far greater scale than against each other is simply a misrepresentation of the facts if one is talking about the average citizen who is not involved in drug related criminal activity or frequenting drinking estbalishments.

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