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Edwin Neal
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Re: Self-defense art?

I do agree with Dmitry when he says aikido is a refinement of the martial arts, but i tend to say a Meta MA... some styles(really hate that term) teach that there are no strikes, or kicks or chokes or groundwork or whatever in aikido... this is clearly false from video evidence of Osensei, and by first hand accounts from those who studied with him... Osensei said to absorb venerable traditions into aikido, and use them to build better forms(waza)... if aikido is ineffective martially for SD it is my feeling that the cause is the drift from teaching for functionality, but this is absolutely imperative to aikido, and does not exclude the more spiritual aspects of training... indeed without the physical functionality the spiritual functionality is also lost, and it becomes a kind of physical movement with an unreachable goal of harmnony with an attacker.
aikido is a complete system and does not need to borrow from others styles what is already supposed to be a part of it...

Edwin Neal

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