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Re: Training: Separate the Sexes?

Dan Herak wrote:
The case to which you refer is a karate dojo sued under the ADA. It is important first to note that the school actually won the case and was able to exclude a student who was HIV positive. More important is your extrapolation to single sex clubs. The ADA ruling would have no precedent whatsoever on such an analysis and, in this matter, even less so given the singularity of the case and the ultimate outcome.
They did win the case, but not because the court didn't have jurisdiction. It was implicit in the ruling that the dojo was being treated as a public conveyance, or else the whole thing would not have been an issue.

Dan Herak wrote:
If things are in any way hazy, and I do not think that they are, it is because so many people have no respect for other people's rights to associate privately with whom they want. Several people have claimed that they, of course, have utmost respect for freedom of association but then continue posting to this forum statements that show the opposite. I find statements along the lines of "I respect freedom of association and think that Mr. Linden has every right to have a single sex dojo, but I just do not think that he should..." to be rather disingenuous. If they really had the respect for personal freedom they claim, they would realize that their personal feelings are irrelevant to Mr. Linden and leave it at that. Such statements have the effect of softening the intellectual climate to chip away at such freedoms bit by bit and people should recognize that for what it is.
So any behavior that's legally permissable should not be commented on or criticized, is that what you're saying?

What about your criticisms of people exercising their right to free speech?



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