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Edwin Neal
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Re: Self-defense art?

true please take no offense as none was intended... i have some background in both the Western Philosophical debate, and the Buddhist philosophies about the nature the self... i just thought any one really interested would find more detailed info in those places... true as well about the developement of kokyu/ki power, but i am primarily interested in the basic physical functionality of the techniques... we all get better with years of practice, but that doesn't mean it takes that long to be functional... i just think as i expressed before that this is somewhat wrongheaded and unfair to prospective students, especially if it makes aikido look like or into some sort of egalitarian pursuit with nebulous goals like enlightenment, with no SD benefits... if you doubt aikido why would you do it? and further you have no grounds to refute any criticism of the art from others...

i would like to hear any lower levels or stories from any level about their use of aikido skills, esp. in SD situations...

Edwin Neal

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