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Edwin Neal
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Re: Training: Separate the Sexes?

i believe in the KKK's freedom to associate however i do not agree with their beliefs... i believe in a womans right to choose, but do not think abortion is usually the proper choice... i believe homosexuals should have the same rights as all other adults including the freedom to marry whoever they choose, but i am not gay... there are plenty of 'laws' that are not enforced or are anachronistic...the world is not black and white... legality sometimes has little to do with real life... i do not believe that Mr. Linden should practice such a policy if he claims to follow the teachings of aikido... why would the ASU have such a stated policy if they did not need or believe in following it... just to cover their ass, if challenged?...if you read this thread in it's entirety, quite a herculean task ... Mr. Linden "seems" to have some basically prejudiced ideas of women and homosexual... this is my problem people who use the law as a shield for immoral purposes...

Edwin Neal

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