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Re: Self-defense art?

I happen to agree with Edwin Here,
A lot of Aikido instructor state that Aikido would take 10, 20, xx years of practice to have some practical application, in a self-defense sense.
Which is just bullshit.
it's true that Aikido has body movements that need practice and principles that need to be understood, but it would be an innefective martial art if it would take sooooooo long to have some proficientcy, or some level of application.
One just can't wait all his life to see if Aikido would work.
The problem with the instructor are basically 2:
1. the instructor that really believet that Aikido will bring some kind of magical power/energy/illumination, only achievable through xxxxx years of practice/mediation. Some kind of Jedi power... and disregard the body mechanins and physics behind the technique (which actually are what make Aikido effective).
2. the instructor who don't know the body mechanics and don't know how to aplly the principle of Aikido, and hence, won't be able to teach proper techniques to his/her students, making it not only longer, but impossible to achieve any proficiency in Aikido, thus making it inefective.

Aikido is a Martial Art based on body mechanics, laws of physics, there is no magic. Explainig body mechanics, meanin body movements, takes as long as the explanation, then you have to practice what you are told. Takes practicem time and effort, and depending on the student commitment, will take more or less time, but infinite year of practice, not true.
Now having some level of proficieny in AIkido (or any martial art, sport, art or else) doesn't make anyone a 'master', but one should be able to have some level of practical application of Aikido in a couple of years or sooner.
There is no magic in Aikido, there is no secret mystical knowledge, no poewr of the goods, is just physics and body mechanics

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