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Dan Herak
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Re: Training: Separate the Sexes?

Deb Fisher wrote:
I want first to thank Mr. Linden for outing himself as a bigot in a public forum...

I would argue that women face a holocaust as well, a holocaust in which at least as many women have suffered and died as in Europe, over the course of many more years. Violence against women affects hundreds of American women every day - we are raped by strangers, beaten and killed by our lovers and husbands. In the eyes of these rapists, batterers and murderers, it is culturally appropriate to violate and kill women because women are less human than men, because they have a social place, because they're always whining. Men who hurt women are act because they think they are right to hate women, because they see their own bigotry reflected all around them,
I have read some truly over the top posts in my day but this one has got to take the cake.

This position is untenable. Men are overwhelmingly more likely to be on the receiving end of vioent crime than are women. Further, the response from some women (and allow me to be blunt - feminists) is quite revealing. When I point this out, their response is to twist their faces in disgust and spew out something along the lines that, maybe so, but they are being attacked - BY OTHER MEN!!! Factually true but morally disgusting. What kind of person is not willing to make a moral distinction between violent criminals and their victims? Certianly no one in a position to lecture the rest of us about anything.

Tying this in to your hit statement, how can women be the victims of a holocaust of violence when they are less likely to be violently attacked? The only way around this is to sink into the moral degeneracy that I have described. Let me add that I can understand that a man would downplay violence against men and focus on that against women for reasons of chivalry, but that does not resolve the issue which I am addressing.
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