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Dan Herak
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Re: Training: Separate the Sexes?

Ok, I just hopped onto this thread and tried to get up to speed, but apologize if I am repeating what someone has already said.

Ann Northcutt wrote:

I'm sorry Mr. Linden is bitter about women encroaching on historically male activities,
It strikes to me, Ms. Northcutt, that you seem far more bitter than Dan Linden. You claim that you really have no problems with single sex activities but your crude characterizations of Mr. Linden truly undermine such assertions. I am not trying simply to make personal attacks here but to make a larger point. It is simply a bit tiring that women who want their own space are viewed as liberated and free thinking but men who want their own space are characterized as wanting to put women back in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant.

I agree that Mr. Linden's initial post on this matter seemed a tad harsh. Clearly he has a brusque style. But his points regarding male bonding are valid. I also cannot help but speculate that some of Mr. Linden's curtness is due to encountering the double standard to which I have referred. Having encountered it myself, I can attest that one quickly adopts an oppositional attitude when one knows the types of characterizations that will be forthcoming.

On another matter, if it has not already been addressed, so long as Mr. Linden's dojo does not accept governmental money (which seems unlikely) there is nothing illegal about a single sex dojo.
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