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Re: Training: Separate the Sexes?

For a long time and maybe even now, I am having trouble finding out by reading, the Kodokan had not only seporate classes for men and women but also seporate dojos. It used to be that woman could not advance past fifth dan in judo, and the fifth dan for a woman was the equal of a ninth or tenth dan for the men. The first woman was promoted to sixth dan in like the 40s or 50s if my mimory serves me right. Also women were not allowed to wear a solid colored belt, every woman't belt had a white stripe down the center. When judo compitition first started women had there own compititions and kata was the only form of compitition allowed. Infact women's judo has just resently been added to the olimpics games.

Professor Kano and O sensei lived around the same time and in the same country, but there approaches to training was totally different.

Personally i wish that I had access to womens only dojo. I have learned from years in judo jujitsu and aikido, that some throws I can do on a man I can not apply on a woman. Our bodies move and are shaped differently then a mans body.

I also injoy training with men only, in most of the dojos I have trained I was the only female.
It is just recently that I have seen the dojos I train or have trained in have more then three girls in dojos that have 40-60 members, Infact i think at least attending students all three dojos I have trained in are now equal, and in one us girls are trying to run the guys out of the bigger dressing room because there are times we out number them.

Any thats my two cence worth take it or leave it, and feel to correct my history if my dates or something are incorrect.

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