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Mark Freeman
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Re: Training: Separate the Sexes?

Hi Edwin

Maybe Al Quaeda freely meets in the US anyway, how would you know if they are non explicit.

As for the ASU I'm not even sure what that TLA ( 3 letter abbreviation ) is. I cant comment on them specifically as I have no idea what their policy states. However any organisation that has a policy that is not being upheld by one of it's associated units is in my opinion duty bound to do something about it. Namely get them to change to conform to the policy or eject them from the organisation. Ejecting them will not stop the unit acting the way that they do, at least the larger organisation have taken care of the situation as far as their own integrity goes.

I feel the best way to 'fight' the emergance of 'dark' thinking is to shine the bright light of scrutiny, knowledge and co-operation onto these areas.
Aikido is for all, I think we can all agree on that, however we have to accept that there will be dissenters even in the most agreeable of situations. Maybe they are there to keep the rest of us on our toes!


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