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Re: Budo, Bushido

That's mild Mathew - and irrelevant to your Aikido and to your posting here. There is always someone who feels they can be obnoxious from the safety of the keyboard. They also come out like rats when it looks like you've crossed the party line. I've had some ripe ones in the past - best forgotten.

Yup the guy is right - you never introduce yourself with an honorific but you knew that. I got the meaning behind the username, quite apt I thought. It reminds me when I first returned to Canada after several years in Japan and joined a seminar. I ended up being lectured on how Japanese really are/behave by someone who had never been out of Canada and, I am pretty sure, knew exactly where I just came from.

There are solutions of course.
1) stop posting. No reason for that. Quite an enjoyable community and your contribution is welcome.
2) modify what you post. I'll admit to doing a little of that myself. A little bit of aggravation is quite enjoyable - too much. Yuck.
3) post political correct pablum just to hear yourself type. Nah where's the fun in that.

My own rules. Keep all post reasonably short, most very short. Don't over think the philosophy - its the mat that counts.


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