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This is what I get in my mail box " A Clown" someone sees others taking the oppurtunity to crap on a fellow aikidoist and they think it is a chance to give a little verbal smackdown or wize guy act! Because openly ranked individuals choose to step on someone who displays equality and produces discussion not display.

"You talk of people who disrespect the Japanese culture, yet you do not recognize that you have actually committed one of the most arrogant, ignorant acts in using their language? You have given yourself the title of -san. San is an honourific, and the japanese value modesty to no measurable degree. If you are going to talk about disrespect toward cultures, youd better hop theat noone from that particular culture is listening."

I can`t retrieve my reply but it was something like this.

I Live and train in Japan, I live under the roof of 5 Japanese people, one of which is my wife.
Study the art, the language and culture on a daily basis and to my immediate knowledge, the post fix -san is nothing more than a literal meaning of Mr or Mrs , to refer to myself as -sama would be glorifing my title but to call myself Mr Mat, I think is pretty regular. I give no satisfaction in being glorified or belittled in any shape or form so be mindful when stating your opinions. You know not who I am. You know nothing about me or my topic.

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