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Edwin Neal
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Re: Is there a way to unite all martail arts

yeah what a bunch of knuckleheads... how would we ever unify people who can't even agree on what is a martial art? (just messing with ya!)
but seriously... I have proposed the same thing with "just Aikido" and recieved much of the same misunderstanding
unity/unifying... doesn't necessarily entail uniformity or does not mean that you must combine all the teaching of individual styles, or learn all the techniques of every style... it does not mean that everyone must have or share the same reason(s) for training

the mountain and the valley are united under the vault of the heavens and supported by the firmament of the earth...

a restaurant with a large menu is very good, but an ENORMOUS BUFFET is AWESOME...

setting aside for a brief moment the idea of ALL MA... i would like to re explore the idea of a unified aikido... don't fall into the traps of being limited by the word Unify or Unite... perhaps we should think of it as a reunion of a family parted by time and distance coming together in community to reaffirm our love and respect for all... in spite of and because of the variety and richness of our characters...

or are we aiki-ostriches that bury our heads and see nothing?

Edwin Neal

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