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Edwin Neal
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Re: Culture of Martial Mediocrity?

i'm gonna get into this on another thread, but unfortunately over time things that were considered basic in that most students that came to aikido already had some knowledge of judo and jujutsu have been lost ie no longer included in the aikido curriculum of most schools/styles and new students that come into aikido haven't had that experience... with the deemphasis on competition and functional practical skills and more emphasis on more philosophical/spiritual aspects... the art has in my opinion degenerated... simply put I believe Osensei intended for aikido to be a equally both spiritual and functional, practical art physically that in spite of the "mystifiers" was fairly easy to learn physically, but took longer to develop the deeper more subtle spiritual/philosophical aspects... defense against a shoot/double leg takedown easy try Kaiten Nage... control the head, hook the arm, turn tenkan... some wrestlers i know call it a "pancake" simple defense against a simple attack... why isn't it taught in all dojo... EGO, misunderstanding/misrepresentation/misinterpretation of what aikido is ... its as simple as that... so for the serious aikidoka you have to experiment, cross train, or get lucky and find a teacher that will teach these things... or be pulled to the over mystical side and forget about functional skill for some higher deeper more sublime mastery or shooting ki from your fingers into death rays and such... it is sad but that is how things have degenerated... even the great roman empire decayed with time...

Edwin Neal

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