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Re: Self-defense art?

Allow me to offer a different perspective of "self-defense". Let's just take the first part - "self". What is the "self"? When you have the answer to that question, then what is the "REAL" self? If you are dead, where is your SELF?

When you can answer that, then we can start to talk about "defense" and why you feel it necessary to defend the SELF....

Often we look outside of ourselves for a panecea that provides some perceivable promise of protection. What we often fail to do, is introspectively look at ourselves. The answer to self-defense or rather the ability to defend one's self, lies not in some external art form, but in the very core of our BEING; external forms are merely a vehicle for expressing the inner SELF.

The question should not be, can aikido [or any other martial art] be a good self-defense art, but rather, if I need to, can I defend my SELF with the art. My question is, do you need to?

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