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Edwin Neal
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Re: Self-defense art?

Great questions, but thats alot of ground to cover! generally speaking your statements in the first part are correct... as self defense is not usually the primary focus of most, but not all, aikidoka; however, it can be as functional as any other art from a self defense stand point.

it is useful in self defense because of the basic strategy of aikido ie evade the initial attack, while simultaneously moving to a superior tactical position from which you apply a technique to basically throw or pin/submit/choke your attacker...

many arts are good for self defense, but self defense is more that physically fighting a great website that someone (thank you whoever you were!) is here

to become "functional" in aikido or any activity takes training with that goal in mind... relatively speaking with a little serious sincere practice the basic physical moves of aikido can be aquired in a few months to a year depending upon you and your instructor...

self defense IS important especially IMHO with regards to aikido... how can you feel safe ie in harmony with the universe if you cannot protect yourself from physical attack... further how can you achieve the broader goal goal of protecting not only yourself but your attacker from the spiritual, physical, and even legal ramifications of his attack if you cannot use aikido to prevent this...

to me the physical and spiritual aspects must both be present and effective for Aikido to be valid...
hope that helps...

Edwin Neal

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