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Mark Freeman
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Re: VERY Basic Footwork Question

Hi Ron,

I agree about it seeming a bit slow, anything is when you first do it. Trying to describe something that is done naturally and often very qickly, is virtually impossible, because you start breaking it down for 'explanation'.
My own aikido practice is based around 'co-ordination' and maintaining co ordination whether uke or nage, practicing slow of full on.
I can't comment on the yoshinkan method, but the shifting of weight is constantly happening when walking, turning etc. Keeping weight forward sounds good to me, as does having a light posture. As long as I keep my co-ordination I can do aikido effectively.
I find these technical type discussions difficult, as I don't think they are very useful.Text is too limiting. If we both spent 2 minutes on the mat we could show each other what we mean and we would both 'get' it in a moment.
Anyway, thanks for your comments.

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