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Re: Training: Separate the Sexes?

Didn't mean to give so much time to this long dead thread, but I guess it took so long to read it I might as well spend a little writing about it.
Me too, but its hard not to read it and not to be moved,

IMHO After getting as far as post # 94 I came to the conclusion that as long as Mr Linden is not breaking the law, there is nothing you can do to change it. He will certainly not take any notice of what has been said here.
What I think upsets many people in the aikido world is that Mr Linden's policy seems so far from OSensei's teaching, that perhaps he should call it something else, Ho-ki-ko-ki or somesuch. That way he can then carry on training the often 'brutal' art that he and his select band of followers choose to do. "It may be life Jim but not as we know it!"
Until you have trained in Aikido for over thirty years you are not qualified to judge me or make comments cloaked in cute qualifications, that is why I have not looked at this thread for several months and why I will never return to it again
In any field of human endeavour this is preposterous, you can't be judged by any that haven't been in the field for longer?? Nonesense. The amount of time spent 'in' a field does not directly relate to 'skill' level, wisdom, understanding or any other benefit that 'should' come with long service. Why should Aikido be exempt from this?
When one says they have 30 of experience it may mean that they have 1 year of 'learning' repeated year on year for 30 years, and will be continued in that vein ad infinitum.
So I've added my 2 cents worth, even though I do not have the required long service requirements to do so.
My own teacher has 50 years of service in Aikido ( so at least he 'qualifies ) and believes that Aikido is for everyone as taught by O'Sensei.

99% of Aikido is practiced in the spirit the founder intended, let's be pleased with that.

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