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Edwin Neal
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Re: Training: Separate the Sexes?

whoa sorry not enough said... after spending a couple of hours reading this thing i will try to be brief...
IT IS WRONG... dance around it any way you like it is discrimination and is illegal... as part of an org. that states such he should withdraw from org or be ejected... it is illegal period these kind of cases bounce back and forth in various juridictions and cases, but it is discrimination based on gender which is illegal... walk into any business and have them say we do not serve women and it would be obviously illegal... it is contrary to the fundamental principles of aikido... there can be no harmony when there is division... now on a more confrontational note... i too read the line about the digestive tract as an obviously offensive reference to homosexuals... in spite of Mr. Lindens later attempt to claim it was not so, even if (which i believe it was not) it was a reference to overweight individuals this is still offensive, as not all overweight person over eat, some are obese because of medical problems... Mr. Linden is an embarassment i would never want to be associated with someone like this... we as aikidoka cannot lay claim to the moral high ground,the Way of Peace and Harmony, and do nothing to stop such immoral acts... there is a proper context in which same sex practice may be valid, but to categorically deny anyone based on gender is wrong no matter how glibly the individual protests that it is innocent... Freedom has limits... with out limits there is no freedom only chaos and anarchy...
if anyone takes offense at my words... sorry, but this is the truth of the matter as i see it... the only person who should take any offense is Mr. Linden, and if he does then it is because his policy is offensive... division and misrepresentation of aikido is something all aikidoka should stand against...
rant off...

Edwin Neal

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