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Re: Article: Teaching Aikido as Michi - A Path Up the Mountain by George S. Ledyard

Ted Ehara wrote:
Mushashi was thirteen when he beat a swordsman to death with a stick, if what I've been reading is correct. That doesn't seem like the act of a polished swordsman. However in a duel you don't need to be the best swordsman, just the best prepared. That maybe why he kept under the radar for so long.
Actually, the best research contradicts the story that Musashi was some kind of untrained sword tough who sprang out of no where to beat a trained samurai at the age of thirteen. It turns out that Musashi's father was a sword teacher and he learned from early childhood. His father was also a teacher of shuriken jutsu, which is the throwing of edged and pointed weapons... One current theory is that he developed the two sword style specifically so he could throw his short sword at an opportune moment in the fight. Anyway, he was trained from childhood and didn't just pick up a stick and crush an adult trained warrior. That never really made sense to me and the latest biography of Musashi, which is far more detailed than anything I've seen before, talked about this at length.
The title is:
Miyamoto Musashi : His Life and Writings by Kenji Tokitsu

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