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Edwin Neal
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Re: Towards a unified A´kido ?

yeah thats the feeling i get... most of the other posters seem to think oh well thats just the way it is... too much ego, politics, trouble, etc... my experience really was an eye opener and a few other MA instructors/schools caught some flak because of this guy that i ran into... as a result there is only one MA school in my town now... at one time there were as many as five, and i would never open my own dojo, because of the lingering stink that this guy left... i practice with a few fellow ronin here in town, but we all wish there was something better as the itinerant lifestyle can be costly... gas hotels fees etc... i am not necessarily calling for certification or licenseing perhaps an aikido database that listed "reputable" aikido teachers... yeah i know it has similar problems, but almost all the organizations that are currently active have a legitimate lineage back to osensei... that idea of lineage and time training etc should be openly available so that people like this guy can't mail order his certificate of grandmastery and just suddenly be an aikido master... i'll go out on a limb and say i feel like WE (all aikidoka) could be umbrella-ed under Hombu regardless of style/organization... the only problem there is politics and ego... yeah it's a mess, but just because it is messy and diffucult doesn't mean we shouldn't try

Edwin Neal

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