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Re: Towards a unified Aikido ?

Edwin Neal wrote: and I would both probably agree that it is not aikido, but some crap they cooked up to bilk unsuspecting students of their money...
Aikido is NOT profitable. No "con man" in his right (or wrong) mind would choose it as a way to turn a dollar. And there is no reason that any student be "unsuspecting". Caution is just a part of making a careful decision.

Edwin Neal wrote:
...placing the burden completely on the prospective student to investigate "senseis" validity is IMHO a little irresponsible and in fact counter to the fundamental principles of aikido...
I would be willing to bet that your typical student is going to have some doubt on his own about a questionable instructor, long before the outside world even gets a whiff. Most people are not stupid. And I cannot fathom being part of any organization whose purpose is to conduct "witch hunts" and investigate instructors.

Another thing to consider is that, even if such a mechanism were put in place, all those teaching at the time of its inception would be legally protected, "grandfathered in" (in the U.S. at least, if engaged in teaching for money) and would be GIVEN OUTRIGHT the very credentials you are seeking to protect. There would be court battles ad infinitum.

Yours is a valid ideal, Edwin, but in reality, it just won't work. Students have the right to choose, and the responsibility for the outcome of a poor choice. That's just the way it is. If you consider this very plausible example: You see a notice on here that Joe Blow Sensei is going to be conducting a seminar in your town, at a cost of $200. You say to yourself "I have never heard of Joe Blow, and neither has anyone else I know in Aikido... I'm staying away." You have made the very same choice, with little or no difficulty, and arrived at the correct solution, only this is just for a weekend and $200. I would have to think that you (and everybody else) would put at least as much thought into a similar decision involving YEARS and THOUSAND$. JMO.

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