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Michael O'Brien
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Re: Is there a way to unite all martail arts

Justin MacEachern wrote:
Thank you Ben. Mike whenb you were talking about taekwando being a olympic sport, you have to remember that, that is only with WTF (world taekwando federation). I belong to a harder style that is not aloud in the olympics, wich is ITF (International Taekwando Federation). Confusing but still a difference. I am not even aloud to take part in any wtf style events. Plus i heard that some of the wtf schools have taking out kata's whats up with that.
Thanks for your guy's time and have a good day.
I also studied USTF/ITF Tae Kwon Do back in the 80's. It was wonderful, and I loved every minute of it. In the last few years though even seeking out USTF/ITF schools (in my area at least) they are still teaching the kata but have gone to either no contact / very light contact sparring when they spar.

It isn't like it used to be, or at least I can't find it around here.

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