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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Shodokan, Tomiki, Aikikai?

I keep telling you guys that this is the internet I do not act the same way in real life. At least I hope I don't.
There was another poster once who made a big deal about how he was different on the net and in person. My question...why would anyone *choose* to be schizophrenic? He had no choice to be different in person...he couldn't back up what he said on the net in person.

I would never speak to the leader of the style I practice in the manner that you just did. It would probably earn me some really tough ukemi. Deservedly so. I hope you adjust your manner before it comes to that...

Ron (I'm sorry you have this twit to deal with, Chuck)

Ron Tisdale
"The higher a monkey climbs, the more you see of his behind."
St. Bonaventure (ca. 1221-1274)
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