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Re: VERY Basic Footwork Question

This seems a little slow (due to the complication of shifting weight back and forth), and also doesn't seem to account for turning the foot, knee, and hip as one unit, which makes a relatively weak movement into a much stronger (and safer) one. Typically yoshinkan folk like to keep the weight forward at all times, so that entering movements require no shifting of weight. Just my thoughts...
Mark Freeman wrote:
Valid points Doug, however you may want to try this:
Stand in a relaxed way on your feet as you naturally would stand, it should be possible to maintain perfect balance for approximately a lifetime ( give or take the odd over-indulgence in alcohol ).
Now if you want to change direction ( say 180 degrees starting in aikido posture ) shift your weight towards your back foot enough to facilitate raising the front foot off the ground, just enough to turn it. Turn the toes of the front foot towards those of the back foot, so just for an intant you are 'pigeon toed'. At this point move your weight over onto the foot that you've turned. This allows the 'back' foot to lift enough to redirect - which it will do on its own ( try it - you'll see ). You are now facing in the oposite direction. No need to rely on surfaces/friction, just good balance, posture and relaxation, no strain or chance of injury.
I have been using this method for many years, and it seem to continue to be effective.


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