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Re: Shodokan, Tomiki, Aikikai?

James Smith wrote:
Chuck Clark you are the head of the Jiyushinkai. So you should not get upset if one of your members or supposed members posts stuff on the internet. Okay I am with the Jiyushinkai or pretending to be. The Jiyushinkai doesn't have competitions so that means that I would have to go to a Shodokan tournament in New York.
Sensei Chuck has every right to be upset because of lack of respect. Many others here have also stated their digust at your behaviour and especially for those of us from various schools founded on Tomiki Sensei teachings because whatever differences we have in our practice we all share the deepest respect and love for Tomiki Sensei just ask anyone who actually met him and they will tell you that above all he was a gentlemens gentlemen and you behaviour brings shame to us and our dear Sensei Tomiki.
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