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Michell Knight
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I own two gis---both judo style. I overheaat in the summer, but they are big enough I can wear long-johns under them in the winter!

I dry mine on the clothes line, after using fabric softner or it's like wearing cardboard!I think the dryer wears on the material, reducing the training life of the gi.

Funny story? Let's see, first month of training, I put my pants on backwards. Didn't notice until my sensei asked if the backs of my knees really needed the extra padding more than the front

I do have a question about sizing---in reference to the Bujin woman's gi---I am 5'9" and 130 pounds, every uwagi I have tried seems to have enough room to wrap around me twice. Are the Bujin styles more "trim" in the width department? Of course, the plus of having the extra material: it never comes loose in training!!

Michell Knight, P.A.-C
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