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Doug Wyatt
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Re: Nikyo or Ikkyo or something Else?

Not sure what this is. Shite's left hand isn't at the elbow joint, so probably not an Ikkajo technique. Shite's right hand is about 90 degrees under-rotated for Nikajo (Uke's fingers should be pointing directly away from Shite), but the photo might be depicting the process of turning Uke over, so maybe Shite isn't finished cranking. Both of Uke's knees are off the ground, which makes guessing the technique problematic.

Ikkajo turns Uke away from you by pressure at a bent elbow joint. Nikajo by cranking a bent wrist joint in the direction of the 'pinkie' finger. If an Ikkajo technique begins with Shite's right hand grabbing Uke's right hand Gyakute-tori, you can use a supplementary Nikajo wrist crank to help turn Uke over. Every little bit helps.

My guess is that this is a photo of a Nikajo Ni technique, Shite is about to body shift to his right, guiding Uke in a CW (from above) spiral to the floor. And Uke took a step forward with his left foot for some reason, maybe illustrating some 2nd Control escape or #2 technique (tenkan) principle?
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