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Re: Nikyo or Ikkyo or something Else?

Well it's certainly possible to do ikkyu holding the wrist like that. That's not decisive, nor the existance of pain during the technique. What is decisive though (in this case) is the angle between the wrist and the elbow. (hard to explain without pic's) If the palm is in a straight line with the arm and elbow, it is ikkyu. If the hand is twisted, and the palm is not in a straight angle palm-arm-elbow and the twist is as a "nikyu" twist, it is nikyu.(Hope you got it) You see, ikkyu and nikyu are just "nicknames" of the actual techniques. Look at their real japanese name and it will provide better understanding of the essence of the technique. You could do ikkyu many ways and it sometimes might seem stange. Until you see what ikkyu and all the other techniques are really about. Handgrips, pain and intention are just smokescreens blocking your minds from realising what really happens technically and what you are doing. At this picture we could just as well be looking at a gokyu, if his motion is not pressing down the arm enough, but straightening the arm instead. Hard to tell by the picture. But my money is on nikyu. It might though not be the optimal kind of "nikyu omote", as it clearly doesn't illustrate the nikyu satisfactory. Otherwise it wouldn't have raised such a question.
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