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Re: Shodokan, Tomiki, Aikikai?

Edwin Neal wrote:
well as you have been talking about Tomiki, shodokan, aikikai, judo and such i feel this falls in the philosophical realm... be careful trying to shomen ate a good judoka or you may end up in one of my favorites Kata ha jime... you're basically asking for it from shomen ate... ippon seio nage was what that one lady was saying and thats a good one too... from my perspective judo and aikido are really much the same in principle and a good blending/reconciliation of the two is Very hard to beat... as you train more you will learn that even an old bald guy who doesn't look like much will put your lights out... Never underestimate anyone... or you may get surprised... sorry just a little philosophy...
Hi Edwin;

The first counter we teach as part of the Shodokan syllabus is to Shomen-ate and yup its like you describe. We call it wakegatame however. The only defense against the counter is to make sure your initial kuzushi is complete and penetrating. Of course we have a counter to the counter but I'll keep that a trade secret.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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