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Re: Towards a unified A´kido ?

Edwin Neal wrote:
1)it IS wrong and fraudulent to just pick up a book and then claim to teach aikido..

2). would you go to a guy who read a medical book for serious medical care or would you prefer someone who actually WAS a doctor?

3)there is a very fine line (and alot of misunderstanding) about "everyones aikido is there own"... at its essence I agree (takemusu aiki), but on the other hand you can't say just any thing is aikido... if i walk my dog for instance that is not aikido even if i claim it is "my" aikido.

.4). aikido is a specific body of knowledge that is broad and open to "some" personal interpretation, not just whatever anyone says...
1)That's your personal opinion. Who are you to set limits on others? Do YOU understand the techniques so clearly that you can set limits? I doubt it. None of us do.

2)You ever watch M.A.S.H.? Every few shows, Hawkeye's reading through a book to do a procedure. I like Hawkeye.

3)Sure it is. It's Aikido to you. I'd disagree about it being Aikido, but I also disagree that what I see in plenty of dojos is Aikido...but who am I?

4)Aikido is what each of us make it.


I didn't ask.

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