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Edwin Neal
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Re: Towards a unified A´kido ?

Hey James... sadly TOO much of what you say is true... i like many are disheartened by the "bad blood" among some organizations, but that is another rant ;-)... i do think unification is possible without the "aikimessiah" ... reconciliation among the feuding factions should be a primary goal, since that speaks directly to the heart of aikido philosophy... some kind of "umbrella" organization( not all powerful) that would speak to the authority/legitimacy/experience of anyone claiming to teach aikido... yeah i know this is problematic, but most things that are worthwhile are not easily achieved... this group would not be a judiciary committee, but something more like consumer awareness, better business, etc... as i said to clark even ronin aikidoka have a training history that can and should be available at the request of students who wish to research this... instead of having some dude mail order his Grandmaster of aikido certificate, there would be a legit umbrella organization that presented factual information about senseis... perhaps membership with this organization (no dues please!) or registration with said organization would help uninformed consumers (students) know what to look for...
i appreciate everyones thoughts, my personal opinion is that just letting frauds be is like just letting a stab wound continue to bleed when you could staunch the bloodflow ... this in no way means that those who feel that it should be overlooked are wrong (but you are! ;-) )... i just think it is important, and worth the effort to address this issue
thanks for everyones thoughts!

Edwin Neal

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