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Re: Nikyo or Ikkyo or something Else?

The picture is Nikkyo. I have studied two styles of Aikido and both of them say that that is Nikkyo. From what I was taught, the difference between Ikkyo and Nikkyo is the bending of the wrist in the manner that is shown. So if the nage's right hand is holding uke's wrist instead, then it's Ikkyo.

Also, from what I have been taught and seen in various other forms of Aikido is that nage doesn't have to walk uke forward from that position in the photo. I was taught that we do that to be nice to uke, but if you don't want to be nice, then the nage will simply step sideways to the right and pull uke in that direction. Notice that nage is holding uke's right arm, so uke can't stop him in any way from going to the right sideways. I did this recently in class and my uke asked to me not do it so hard for her shoulder hurt.
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