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Re: Towards a unified Aïkido ?


Here's the thing. I really do sympathize with your dislike of aikido frauds -- they bug me too sometimes -- and you make a reasonable case for why you think a unified aikido is a good thing (though some of your hypotheticals are stretching it). But... you haven't proposed a practical means for carrying out your vision. You're not saying you want a licensing board (though in fact there are many such organization throughout the world) and you're not suggesting uniform waza -- great. What are you suggesting? From the previous thread you suggest that we the aikidoka should be responsible -- the aikido community. But there is no aikido community per se. There are many aikido communities that overlap and chafe. Many of the leaders of these organizations hate each other explicitly. Some hide their dislike. Harmony between the practitioners of the art of harmony would be great, but it doesn't exist.

The only possible way I could see unification is if an individual came along with the strength of character and technique to convince all the factions to band together (we'll call ‘em the aiki messiah). Not likely, and certainly not while the issei (first generation shihan) are still active but even if this fantasy came true, there'd be people who descent because that's the nature of people. Leaving, again, room for frauds.

I'm sorry to say, but the frauds are something we're all just going to have to get used to living with.

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