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Edwin Neal
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Re: Towards a unified A´kido ?

i agree totally clarke, but i still think ignoring these frauds does a disservice to aikido and potential students, who in some cases just don't know enough to make an "informed" decision... and some of the hucksters out there are very slick at self promotion, marketing, public relations, even cult type "mind control"... it seems kind of disingenuous for us (aikidoka) to simply throw the unsuspecting students into the water and leave it to them to sink or swim... especially with sharks circling to snap up the unlucky ones...
to Jean... you like some others have some serious reservation about a beauracratic organization which i share, but that is not really what i am getting at... it IS wrong and fraudulent to just pick up a book and then claim to teach aikido... would you go to a guy who read a medical book for serious medical care or would you prefer someone who actually WAS a doctor?
there is a very fine line (and alot of misunderstanding) about "everyones aikido is there own"... at its essence I agree (takemusu aiki), but on the other hand you can't say just any thing is aikido... if i walk my dog for instance that is not aikido even if i claim it is "my" aikido... aikido is a specific body of knowledge that is broad and open to "some" personal interpretation, not just whatever anyone says...

Edwin Neal

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