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Re: Is there a way to unite all martail arts

Justin MacEachern wrote:
Again dave iam not talking about unifying by the means of combining arts. i mean respect ones art like you would respect their opinions. Just because one person thinks the art that they ae training in is better the some one elses doesnt give them the right to throught it someone face. Example:
If you were a black belt in taekwando,and you thought that taekwando was the ultamate art, would you start putting down a 3rd of 4th dan in aikido or any other art to his or her face?
probably not. I thank all of you for your opinions. And for taking time to read my threads, It really does mean a lot to me.
I think a lot of confusion came from your wrong use of the term unifying. The definition of unifying is:

"combining into a single unit"

So by unifying MA would mean to bring them all together into one unit or art.

Also, respect is never anything that can be demanded. It is something that has to be earned. For example, when I was in the military it is mandatory to address an officer as Sir out of "respect". Some officers earned that respect and you were glad to call them Sir; Other officers were complete idiots and we called them Sir to their face to stay out of trouble, and behind their backs talked about what idiots they were.

I think 95% of martial artists have respect for other arts, no matter what style it is already. Probably closer to 100% for those of us that have done any training in another art for any length of time.

The other 5% are the ones who are training only to prove "how bad they are" and those are pretty much a lost cause.

*drops .02 in the bucket and heads back to the dojo*

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