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Re: Is there a way to unite all martail arts

I always liked the Stephen Covey philosophy of "seeking to understand before being understood". I think this is what needs to happen, not only within martial arts, but the world. Ignorance tends to be the tool of devisiveness and prejudice....which is really what we are talking about here.

I know from my perspective that the longer I study martial arts, and spread out my study between several arts, these things tend to disappear and I can a deeper understanding and appreciation of the various arts.

That does not mean there are things that I do not like, or find inferior in the arts, but I have found the process of seeking to understand to be much more "unifying" than "devisive".

Instead of unifying martial arts, I think martial artist should unify themselves by being open minded and adopting a "student of life" mentality! That in itself would go along way into creating peace and harmony!
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