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Re: Is there a way to unite all martail arts

As Aikido is non competative
ducks diving shodothugs...
there is no win/lose
breaths a sigh of relief at the qualification
could we say that it is not a "Martial" Art
while you'll get a lot of non-aikido people from other ma agreeing with you, there's a few of us here who might take exception to that appellation... back to main thread
but what gives them the right to put down someone else's art
humans judge things, sometimes correctly, sometimes incorrectly, it's part of being human. We all have opinions, often they're contradictory and cause dissension. However, this idea of non-criticism falls into my own pet hate - censorship - if someone has an opinion that you don't like, deal with it, don't whine and say they shouldn't say it in the first place.
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