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Re: Is there a way to unite all martail arts

I think you guys are missing my point that i was trying to make.
I dont want to take all martail arts and combine them for one art. I simply wish i could end this fued. James i am with you 100 percent. if we are taught to love our own martail art then in turn we should be taught to love all martail arts right. in fact afte a while i am more interseted in looking at other forms of self defense. I just want us to under the same roof at the same time without trying to prove who is the best. I truly believe that this is not the way Morihei wanted it. if it was he would not taking aikido outside of japan, same with Kisshomaru. I mean sumo guys facinated Morihei. He wanted tolearn more about them not put them down.
Well that is just my opinion.
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