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Edwin Neal
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Re: Towards a unified A´kido ?

yeah my main focus is frauds, and how they affect aikido, martial arts, and prospective students... as i posted in another thread i did indeed run into one of these Mcdojo's and many of the students of this huckster were totally turned off to any MA ever again, a few even went so far as to liken it to a cult... even the kindest were pissed about the money they had lost for basically nothing...
Clark, we have both trained with people who are outside of the mainstream aikido organizations, as we discussed in a previous message, but they have a LINEAGE back to Osensei and are recognized by some of the mainstream organizations, although they do not belong to them...
my postings are mostly rhetorical, but i do believe this is an important issue that is being avoided (how very aiki!) by senior aikidoka... we see things like my hypotheticals all the time in the news... gun manufacturers responsible for gun violence, tobacco companies, fast food companies, whatever... If i were ever to consider opening a dojo, these things would probably be the issues that would squash that... even ronin can say i trained with so and so and they trained with so and so, and thus have some authority... mail order sensei's need not apply!!!

Edwin Neal

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