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Mark Freeman
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Re: Towards a unified A´kido ?

Hi Edwin,
sorry mark, inner secrets I cannot reveal my co grandmasters... but we are legion and mighty!
I'ts ok I understand.....

As for the remainder of your post, wow that's alot of hypotheticals to digest in one sitting. I feel a possible heartburn coming on.

I get the feeling that the 'frauds' you speak of really get to you, I also see that the root cause of this is your desire to see the art you love stay uncorrupted. I really do empathise with that sentiment, however, Unless we all form some kind of Aiki thought police and travel the length and breadth of the land trying to root out the frauds, we are not going to stop them. So what do we do, let them be, perhaps.
My own teacher was the first to receive aikido training in the UK in the mid 1950's. Over the years he has had many thousands of students, some have stayed for a while, left, and reappeared miraculously higher ranked, heading their own organisations.
His reaction... let them get on with it.. he continues to teach and be true to the heritage and the aikido of his teachers.
The BAB (British Aikido Board) The governing body for 'all' Aikido in the UK does not include the federation of the UK's first British teacher.
So the idea of unity here is a fair way off.

Perhaps we can stem the possible idea that some hypothetical ban might shut aikido down, by aikidoka en masse going out and being nice to people. We should decend in our hoardes and perpetrate acts of extreme pleasantness! if we kept our gi and hakama on there would be no mistaking who carried out the wanton good deeds!



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