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Re: Towards a unified Aikido ?

Edwin, I see your point, BUT... What about the instructor who has never "gotten married" to any particular organization, but has instead trained within many diverse syllabi, and brought the best of each to his Aikido? Both his techniques and his instruction might be excellent. I know many such people. Is it really fair for some outside jurisdiction to sit in judgment of these people? If you were one of them, surely you would not think so. That is where you will hear that what this or that person does "is not Aikido", when who really is to say what IS or IS NOT Aikido? Much less whether it is or is not GOOD Aikido... The bottom line is that an instructor puts himself out there for judgment every time he/she steps on the mat, and the judges are, and should be, his students. The egomaniac and the huckster are quickly found out, even by the newest student. An instructor who is good, who makes sense, and who gives benefit to his students will gain their loyalty. It doesn't take a rokudan (or a panel of them) to recognize a bad one.

As for the makeup of your proposed jurisdictional body, wouldn't everybody want to be running the show? Would anyone settle for less than superior positioning for his own organization? This is where the politics comes in, and politics has no place in the arena where objective judgment is required. (That is also why the executive and judicial branches of even our own misguided government are fundamentally separated.)

The individual is, and should be, responsible for his training. Those who feel comfortable by belonging to a core organization have numerous opportunities to do so. Those who prefer the ronin's approach, likewise have the opportunity. Each individual has the freedom and ability to vote with his feet. IMHO, I don't see it getting any better, in the long or the short run.
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