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Edwin Neal
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Re: Towards a unified A´kido ?

sorry mark, inner secrets I cannot reveal my co grandmasters... but we are legion and mighty!
James that guy probably did get his butt whupped eventually...

this idea of unification seems to meet a lot of resistance and misunderstanding... i am not advocating stylistic or organizational "uniformity", but rather a way to insure that frauds do not hijack aikido... consider the following HYPOTHETICAL situation... some guy with no legitimate rank or affiliation with any organization such as hombu or aikikai or whatever... opens a dojo claiming to teach aikido... he and some of his students become a "gang" more or less and commit criminal acts... as a result legislators decide to ban the practice of aikido... this ruling spreads and hypothetically the entire state / country / world bans the practice of aikido... there is a thread under discussion about a possible ban of samurai swords in england... so in spite of the somewhat extreme case i am making it is POSSIBLE that something like this could happen... heres another one ... fraudulent aikido teacher claims "practical self defense" but a student dies in a self defense situation couldn't EVERY aikido teacher and organization be held liable? what if the frauds student killed someone in self defense and was found to have used unnecessary force ... again couldn't all teachers/organizations be held liable... just trying to make a point here no need to take these HYPOTHETICAL situations too seriously... don't WE (ALL) aikidoka of ALL organizations have a responsibility to protect ourselves, each other, and future students from frauds... can EGO's be put aside to have some kind of LOOSE, and comfortable unification that addresses the need for TRUTH with regards to people who claim to teach this art we all love...

Edwin Neal

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