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Re: Shodokan, Tomiki, Aikikai?

Speaking of Judo and Aikido, I think Tomiki-sama research is very in-depth and academically adequate to answer the relationship between the two arts. The book Tradition and Competitive Edge by Nariyama-sama and Shisida-sama is a good read.

Some fun story to share...

Once upon a time at my Judo dojo, when the sensei was not around, some of the senior judo boyz decide to beg me for instruction. Although in Chinese language this phrase sounds very polite, but in actual fact it is a invitation to test me out.

Judo boyz came in for their typical dogi grip, I shomen-ate'd him. He fell.... I got the first ippon. Second time, he was more wary, I kept my distance... when I sense the opportunity, I went for Gedan-ate. I got the second Ippon.

Next I decided to try to play by their rule. I went in for the grip and try to do judo. I was floored very quickly by De-ashi Harai. Next, the judo boy harmonized me with the mat using Osoto Gari and finally with Tai Otoshi. I love their pinning strategy. After flooring me with Osota Gari, he went instantaneously to Kesa-Gatamae, and transitioned to Yoko-shiho gatamae which I eventually submitted because I could not escape. But to save face, i applied waki-gatamae on him for to force a submission.

It was very fun to play with judo boyz. The fact is, I know that I got him perfectly with Shomen-ate and gedan-ate because he has not seen this technique before. I was floored by his judo technique simply I was not used to these techniques and was caught off guard, like him as well.

In the end, I think it was of mutual benefit, as I learned a little bit more about the way of judo, and he, a little bit more of the way of Aikido.

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